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Mechanics of Pursuit

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We are an integrated supplier of complete solutions of control of renewable power plants. A supplier and a single person in charge for everything what can happen with its equipment.


Linear units

Control of Pursuit

That we do?
The main activity of our company is to provide component electromechanical for the installers of solar and manufacturing plants of followers. We are expert in solutions of control of solar pursuit.

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Central investors PVmaster

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To his disposition there is an electronic and mechanical engineering equipment with ample experience able to solve calculation problems, sizing and beginning.


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Complete solution

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Controls of Axes, Robots, Photovoltaic Mechanics of Movement, Central Investors
Photovoltaic, Investing investors central Photovoltaic, Investing of connection to the network, Controls of axes for solar plants, control of axes with astronomical calculation, software of control of solar pursuit by means of astronomical calculation, control of temperature, software temperature control, software of control STAM. Bus CANopen, Sercos, Profinet, Ethercat, Modbus TCP, Modbus RT, DeviceNet, Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, TCP/IP. Motoreductores with variador and encóder integrated, motor of cc, asynchronous actuators, motors, drives brushless, drivers, variadores of frequency, systems of linear and angular measurement, encóders. Electrical actuators, linear actuators, electrocilindros, electromechanical cats, elevators, rotating, reducing plates of turn, units of turn. Components of solar followers of 1 or 2 axes. Investors DC/AC for solar plants

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