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Complete solutions of a supplier with Plc M1

To have a unique integrated provedor of all the system always plays its favor. You have the 100% of compatibility between all the elements of the system. A single supplier, a single person in charge.

One of the points more outstanding than guarantees our solutions is the use of a standard hardware, like the INTEL processors, communication in real time by means of ETHERNET TCP/IP and PROFINET. The application of this hardware in our controls guarantees a compatibility with new equipment during the next decades. We always maintain the flexibility of extension of hardware are CPU, HMI, modules of ES or drives (motor) of machine. You can extend the configuration without needing modifying basic hardware. The decision to work with us often comes given for several reasons, like a easy configuration of the system, simple parametrización and transparent programming.

Platform of Hardware

The provision program includes different controls based on powerful PLC, industrial CNC or PC. A developed project even can be transferred from a platform to another one without needing returning to program. Besides the classic CPUs and screens we offer compact solutions Terminal Control type that emphasize by their attractive cost. The Teminal Control is a screen with Plc and control of built-in axes (solution shown in the image). The concept is very clear: an integration easy and abierta within all the products and components.

Digital drives and Actuators

The drive technology also is present in the provision program. From drives for asynchronous motors with attitude control to complex actuators, linear motors and torques. The buses of more standard field like EtherCat, PROFINET, CANopen, Sercos II or Profibus are available in the form of interchangeable cards in the equipment. Using the most modern technologies of communication we synchronized in a matter of 300 microseconds up to 30 servocontrolados axes. To applications of smaller exigency we have CANsync (DS402) to realize the insertions between several axes.


The programming takes control of languages of PLCopen according to standard IEC61131 and for the most demanding high-level languages C/C++, the machine code ISO and the JAVA for a powerful visualization. The programming and the configuration are abierta by means of the unique software package “Solution Center” that incorporates all these languages.

Communication in real time

One of the most outstanding points of our system is the use of technologies TCP/IP or PROFINET for interconnection between elements of the system in real time. Screens, PLCs or PCs are connected by means of networks ETHERNET/PROFINET with a standard wiring. This allows a easy integration of the drives, the sensors or the valves in a standard network during the next decades.

Modules of entrances/exits

With the ample integrated concept of ES in the equipment we covered all the needs with the special market offering in addition the ES to 5V/48V or entered analogical. With controlled remote modules of the ES by means of bus of field PROFINET, CANopen and FASTBUS (optical fiber) we offer the concept of decentralized automatization.

Mechanical drives

If its machine needs a linear axis, a porch or an electronic levy, in the supply of provision we can include the mechanical part. The planetary bells of assembly, reducers and the connections go to position our. You only must screw the set. Thus we took responsibility of the absolute compatibility. A single supplier, a single person in charge.


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