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programmable robots

Programmable robots M1. Thanks to the hardware of BACHMANN based on technologies of PCs, all the CPUs of new series of programmable robots M1 incorporates the Ethernet port. The communication by means of standard protocol TCP/IP allows to use of the wiring and switch standard. The CPUs with processors PENTIUM III offers great speed of calculation and possibility of control of drives by means of the communication buses type SERCOS II/EtherCat /ProfiNet. More information
linear actuators direct drive
Digital drives ServoOne. The drives ServoOne de LTi suppose a new reference as far as benefits in the world of digital drives. With incorporated cocking mechanism of security, the drive offers a fan of possibilities of communication by means of bus EtherCat, Profinet, Sercos II, CANopen, ProfiBus, Ethernet, USB. As far as engine control, the drive allows to control synchronous, asynchronous and even motor actuators brushless of c.c. More information
numerical controls
Numerical controls POWER T. Numerical controls POWER T of TEX offer a compact solution of control of axes with integrated Plc to carry out tasks of interpolation of 2 to 6 axes to a very competitive cost. The engine control is realized by means of CANopen, analogical exit or PWM. The solutions CAD CAM that the control offers, allow an easy integration in the milling machinery of or cut by means of laser, shape or water. More information
measurement systems
Systems of Measurement. Thanks to the new mall pillows of calibration of MASTER, the measurement systems allow to realize applications of high precision with a comfortable advantage, like the compensation of the errors of assembly in the rotating axis (eccentricity). With the habitual set we provided the calibration mall pillow that allows to realize an electronic corección of the assembly errors. The solution oferece advantages mainly in applications with axes of great size. More information

linear units

Linear modules INOX. It is new passage of manufacturing German BAHR MODULTECHNIK towards solutions of linear positioning for the feeding sector. The new series of linear modules has a covering of stainless steel plate. This way the aluminum profile is prote'ge' and lets totally smooth, easy the supeficie clean. Perfect finishing furthermore allow the application of this product in the sectors where the esthetic one also is important. More information