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Linear motors, Direct Drive, Motors of Direct Traction

The linear motors are a new generation of synchronous direct motors for applications of the high dynamics and speed (up to 20 m/s). These motors offer high accuracy of positioning and repetitividad. Thanks to the absence of the classic elements of transmission the linear motors are free of comforts and wearing downs.

Company WAREZAXIS.COM for more than 4 years realizes applications with linear motors and accumulates an important experience in this field. The solution that we offer can be composed of motor + drive + measurement system and if it needs client to it a complete module with linear guides and able chain.

Robot with control of axes

Linear motors TL, ESA 80 xs 40 mm, F=100-1800 N, (0.2 MB)
Linear motors TV, ESA 130 xs 45 mm, F=400-6750 N, (0.1 MB)
Linear motors TBW, ESA 130 xs 47 mm, F=600-6750 N, (0.5 MB)
Sensor of linear position AH (0.1 MB)
Linear motors UC, ESA 14.8 xs 51 mm, F=10-72 N, (0.35 MB)
Linear motors UM, ESA 21 xs 68 mm, F=22-400 N, (0.2 MB)
Linear motors UL, ESA 28.4 xs 106 mm, F=35-960 N, (0.2 MB)
Linear motors UXX, ESA 48 xs 124.8 mm, F=67-4200 N, (0.5 MB)

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