Ctra. Girona - Anglès, km 106
17163Vilanna - Bescanó, Girona (IT IS)
Tel +34 972 100 619
Fax +34 972 442 317
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In this page it can read the conditions under which WAREZAXIS.COM, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY provides contents and services to him from this Web site, and that you accept due to acceding to him.

Identification of our company

Ctra. de Girona to Anglès, km 106
17163 Vilanna - Bescanó (Girona)
Tel: +34 972 100 619
Fax: +34 972 442 317
Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Girona

Acceptance of these Conditions

The fact that accedes to this Web site it implies that it knows, it understands and it accepts the Conditions of Use in the existing version at the time of the access. Since, based on the effective legal norms at every moment, the Conditions can undergo modifications, we recommended to him that it consults whenever accedes to this Web site, as well as our Policy of Privacy.

Object of the site.

Through this Web site, we provided information on the services and/or products that we offer or commercialized. That information is offered as it can see it the user, not accepting WAREZAXIS.COM LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY responsibility some by possible damages caused by:

- The offered nonexistence of the information or the services and/or products, their inaccuracy, its lack of update or the existence of failures in the access to part or the totality of the contents of this Web site or others to which it is possible to be acceded from this one.

- The loss of information or damages in equipment caused by the use of this Web site or others to which it is possible to be acceded from this one.

Use of the Web site

You are conscious that the use of this Web site takes place under its unique and exclusive responsibility, and thus specifically accepts volunteer and when acceding to him.

It allows, also, in not using no of the contents including in the Web site for aims that are illicit or go against the public order, the moral and moral convention commonly accepted. In particular, and without it supposes a limitation to enunciated here, you also commit yourself not to obtain, to reproduce or to distribute to the contents shown in this Web site if she is not for personal use and in any lucrative case.

Rights of intellectual property

All the commercial marks, names or distinguishing signs of any class that appear in the Web site are property of WAREZAXIS.COM LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY or third parties, without it can be understood that the access to the Web site grants to you right some to him on the mentioned marks, commercial names and/or distinguishing signs.

Also, the contents are intellectual property of our company or third parties, without they can be understood yielded to you no of the operation rights that exist or can exist envelope they.

Applicable legislation

These Conditions of Use are in force by the Spanish legislation. WAREZAXIS.COM LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY and the user are put under the Courts and Courts of Girona for any controversy that could derive from the benefit of the services object of these Conditions of Use.


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